About Me

My name is Christopher Gearhart – the guy behind the curtain at Bricks Brought to Life – and I thoroughly enjoy creating immersive visuals through stop motion & computer animation.

I discovered my love for animation through stop motion filmmaking, and I’m currently pursuing an interdisciplinary degree combining computer science, art, and media communication to further my technical and artistic grasp on computer graphics. I've had the pleasure of working with such clients as The LEGO Group, 815 Studios, and CG Cookie, and have completed many animation projects of my own which you can watch right here on the site.

Looking to hire me? Please feel free to shoot me an email - chris@bblanimation.com

Christopher Gearhart

Director, Animator, CGI Artist

Honors & Awards

Demo Reel & Coding Projects

- All of my work is both inspired by and made for the most creative artist in existence -